We're a software development consultancy based in Hertfordshire in the UK. Specialising in short contracts with tight deadlines and specific goals, we have a wealth of experience in Python, Javascript, C++ and other languages, together with strong scientific and mathematical skills. We often operate in environments with unusual technical stacks, or at the cutting edge, with ground-breaking technologies or against wicked problems.

Contract Projects

Where you have a specific deliverable, or require interim support for an important development resource, we can supply a developer with the skills necessary to ensure your project gets delivered on-time and to spec.


If you have a particular technical issue to crack, we can help. With consultancy on a day-by-day basis, we specialise in quickly resolving tough technical problems..

Open Source

We're enthusiastic about Open Source. Wherever possible and appropriate, we'll deploy Open Source solutions to ensure that you are not left with vendor lock-in, and that you benefit from the very latest and best software.